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In 2O15, I was one of the design gurus on Season 1O of The Apprentice (Fremantle, BBC), and I’ve been lucky enough to win awards for design, including Designer Of The Year (EyeWire, Los Angeles, 2OO1 - now part of Getty Images), and the Invention Award and Pop of The Year Award on the digital art platform Pop My Mind.
My product and packaging design has been instrumental in winning the Jeu de l'Année in France, and Best Game and Best Toy at the London & New York Toy Fairs on four occasions.

In 2013 I was awarded a Fellowship of The Royal Society of Arts.

I'm married with 4 grown up children, and we share our home with six Siberian huskies, a piano and too many guitars.


In 2O16 I completed an MA in Arts Practice at University of Suffolk, UK, where my research centred around the impact and evolution of digital technology on our lives.


This ongoing research feeds directly into, and informs my professional practice as a designer.


My current postgraduate research is exploring the intersections of art, science, culture and technology with an emphasis on ethical and sustainable design.


Aside from my commercial graphic practice, I make art and compose music for film.

I work to deliver creative ideas that channel your unique voice.
I have over 3O years’ experience as a commercial designer, including 15 as a freelance design consultant.

My work encompasses graphics and branded identity, products and packaging, websites, digital experiences, animation, music, film and 3D.